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Designed To Perform.
Designed For Life.
Since 2002.
Higher Ground designs elevated protective solutions for education and mobile users with a simple goal: purposeful, universal products that evolve and grow with you over time.
Expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail and materials that stand out and outlast, our cases are prototyped, tested, and dragged through the mud to ensure they stand up to the expected and unexpected of everyday life.
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We believe the best designed products
play a key part in everyday life while
never getting in the way of it.
Every piece balances form and function using innovative features and materials to create timeless styles that you can rely on.
Our line of education-specific products go beyond just protection to meet the ever-evolving needs in accessibility and technology.
Products aren’t the only things we build that last. We strive every day  to build meaningful relationships, and earn the right to your business.
No Detail Too Small

From The Smallest Stitch To The Big Picture, We Make Sure You Can Focus On What Matters.

Timeless Style + Universal Fit
Guided by a “fewer but better” philosophy, we simplified our collection to those that can comfortably hold a wide variety of brands and models of tablets and laptops including Apple, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and many more.
This flexibility ensures our collection perfectly fits your device, style, needs, and, most importantly, you the same on day one as it would on day one thousand.
Made To Go Wherever You Go
Ergonomically designed, our cases adapt to your workspace and workflow to ensure the tech you need is always within reach and ready to be used no matter where you are.
Our cases allow for uninterrupted work with full-access to ports, connections, and charging while ensuring your equipment sits comfortably and cool in your lap (and look cool doing it.)
Built To Wear In, Not Out
Our goal is create value for our consumers and products that maintain their value.
We proudly put our name on products that are built to last and we have a lifetime warranty that backs it up. If ever you do decide to upgrade your gear, we’ll replace them for 50% off.*
* The Replacement Program applies to MSPR and items purchased within 5 years.
Hassle-Free Deployment
Getting your new cases in the hands of your users should be easy. Our team is here to provide a helping hand and to lighten your load.
From frustration-free, eco-conscious packaging to live support, we’re here to help put you in control and seamlessly navigate the nuances of deploying your new equipment to ensure the best experience and overall satisfaction.
Higher Ground Essentials

Expertly Designed For Whatever Life Throws Your Way.  (We Don’t Suggest Throwing Any Of These, But If You Do, They’ll Be Ready.)

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Customer reviews

5 gold stars
“Excellent products - great design, functionality, longevity - my last bag survived 7 years, hundreds of trips by air and sea, often lack of tender loving care. Exceptional customer service, they really know how to make clients happy!”
5 gold stars
"Friendly service and outstanding product!"
Mr Simon  Threadgill
5 gold stars
”No more worrying about my precious Macbook getting banged up going through airport security and the x-ray machine!”
House proud Chica
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