Higher Ground SPIFF Program
Higher Ground will pay you a SPIFF for every Higher Grounder case you sell between February 1st – September 30th, 2021.
Join today and start earning extra cash by promoting the best-in-class solutions for functional protection.
At Higher Ground, we recognize what trusted channel partners like you do to promote our solutions and brand - and we want to make it easy to earn money when you do.
Max SPIFF you can earn = “Unlimited” so you have amazing earning potential!
How The Program Works
With 4 easy steps, you'll be on your way to earning rewards with minimal effort.
Step 1
Register For The SPIFF Program
Step 2
Upon Close, Submit the Claim Request Form
Step 3
Get Paid!
join the spiff program
In addition to filling out the SPIFF Registration form,
please also send a completed W-9 tospiffs@hggear.com
Partner Support from Higher Ground Every Step Of The Way
Our dedicated sales team is here and ready to support with any inquiries you might have. Set-up, best practices, you name it – we’re here to help.
In addition, our SPIFF program offers many advantages such as:
Special Pricing On Deals Over 300 Units
Deal Registration Applies
Free Demo Units For Qualified Prospects
Custom Logos & Colors Available
Register Today For Higher Ground's SPIFF Program
Get started by sending a completed W9 to spiffs@hggear.com
and completing our SPIFF enrollment form below.
join the spiff program
Terms and Conditions

1.  By participating in this program, you agree to all Terms & Conditions of the program.

2.  PO’s for Higher Ground product purchases must be dated between January 25, 2021 and September 30, 2021 for sale to be eligible for the spiff. Purchase orders placed/processed prior to January 25, 2021 are not eligible and are excluded. Higher Ground is not responsible for orders that are delayed or shipped after the program period.

3.  Deal must be originated by the reseller/channel partner after the effective date of January 25, 2021.

4.  Program spiffs are based on the total number of eligible Higher Ground cases sold during the program period.  (Power pockets and shoulder straps are not eligible)

5.  Program is open to individual sales team members from authorized Higher Ground Reseller Peak Performer Program Partners only. Please check your company’s guidelines and policies before submitting claims as some companies may place restrictions on your ability to participate. Awards for this program are available only to individuals and may not be made to a group or a company.

6.  Higher Ground will require a completed, signed W-9 prior to release of any funds or awards. You will be responsible for reporting and paying any local, state, or federal taxes that may be due. If you earn more than $600 during the fiscal year with any of our programs, Higher Ground will send you a 1099 with your earning totals by the year end of January 2022.

7.  Spiff payments will be made within 60 days following the closing date of this program.

8.  Additional supporting backup documentation may be requested to validate claims and determine eligibility for award. This may include a copy of your purchase order to Higher Ground, AB Distributing, D&H or Synnex, a copy of the customer’s purchase order to you and/or a copy of your invoice to the customer.

9.  Assignment: Partner may not assign this program relationship  or any amount due under this program, to any third party without the express written consent of Higher Ground.

10.  Programs are uniquely tailored to each Peak Performer and are therefore confidential with details not to be shared with anyone outside of your organization.

11.  Higher Ground reserves the right to revise, amend or cancel any portion of this program at any time.