The Importance of Easy-Clean Laptop Cases to Minimize Germs

The cleanliness of technological surfaces is a vital health concern for students, parents, teachers and administrators. Children learn the importance of hand-washing early in their education. This advice is only part of the solution to minimizing the risk of germs. These same hands touch laptops and tablets throughout the day, even though no one typically washes the devices regularly. This contact leaves behind dirt, grime and skin oils.

Devices often pass hands for sharing with friends, doubling the risk of exposure to contagious illnesses. During cold and flu season, these devices can become a serious breeding ground for infection. Good cleaning habits can help lower the risks, but it's important to protect the sensitive device.

One main solution is to protect school devices with cases designed for easy cleaning. This preventive step can keep students safe and minimize time and effort spent on sanitization.

How Dirty Is the Average School Laptop?

Laptops are some of the dirtiest surfaces within school facilities. Students, especially young children, sometimes skip hand-washing and other standards of hygiene.

A study of adults in an office found that laptop keyboards contain 20,000 times the amount of bacteria found on toilet seats. Computer mice contain 45,670 times the amount of bacteria found on toilet handles, and a trackpad contains 162 times the amount found on money.

The most common bacteria found in this study were gram-positive cocci, which scientists commonly link to pneumonia. If adult devices have this level of contamination, student surfaces are probably more filthy.

These statistics reveal that unclean surfaces on technology devices pose a serious health risk to students, teachers and parents.

What Is an Easy-Clean Laptop Case?

Manufacturers create easy-clean laptop cases with fabric designed to withstand cleaning products. The Higher Ground Capsule CS is a leading example with its use of CleanShellTM technology. This case is designed to withstand most household cleaning wipes and sprays for easy convenience at home and school.

The external coating of the case acts as a barrier to protect against everyday contaminations like dirt and spills.  

How Do Easy-Clean Cases Help?

Easy-clean cases are critical to integrating a system of sanitizing into day-to-day operations in schools. Without an easy-clean case, faculty must be careful to make sure they use the correct substance. Teachers also have to watch out for water damage. Easy-clean cases repel water, so teachers can clean several devices in minutes.

Since the cases have a durable design, parents of young children and older students can clean their devices at home to prevent germ buildup throughout the week. Teachers and families may use cleaning wipes and most cleaning sprays as long as they do not contain acetone. Compressed air can also clean the keyboard to remove dirt and dust particles trapped underneath.

Lower Health Risks With the Higher Ground CleanShellTM Case

Your school's technology makes it easy for students to learn anywhere. You can lower the risk of the spread of germs and bacteria with easy-clean cases from Higher Ground.

As a premium case provider for K-12 schools, Higher Ground understands the need for sanitary and durable casing at a reasonable price. The company offers functional, always-on case solutions for laptops and tablets with CleanShell™ technology. CleanShellTM is available for Capsules, Datakeepers and Shuttle models. The unique hydrophobic coating repels dirt and water to take tough hits and clean away germs and grime with ease.

Higher Ground offers several benefits to customers:

Ready to select your easy-clean case solution or learn more? Contact Higher Ground with an online quote and sample request now or reach out by phone at 888-662-4300.

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