Edtech Bits Reviews the Shuttle 3.0

See what Andrew from EdTech Bits had to say about our Shuttle 3.0....

We had the pleasure of meeting Andrew from EdTech Bis at CEPTA 2017 and provided him with a Shuttle 3.0 case to review.

Here are a few things he had to say.

"This is a good option for schools as it is very rugged, thick, and light weight.."

"The textured design adds something interesting to look at in the overall case..."

"One of my favorite features of this case are the orange corner bumpers which are present on the four corners of the screen side of the case. This not only adds a unique look to the case, but also gives me some confidence that this case is very protective and could withstand a few drops!"

"The case feels very good, light weight but reliable."

Read the full review here