How Can Protective Cases Help Laptop Resell Value?

The use of protective laptop cases can increase the life of educational technology for students and schools. Yet, the fast-paced nature of technology means that schools must sometimes replace their devices to remain current. One method to fund a school's next technology purchase is to recycle the value of retired equipment through resale. Laptop cases can protect the devices from cosmetic and structural damage to increase their resale value. It is important to find high-quality cases that protect against types of damage common for students.

Common Damage to Laptops That Lowers Value

Laptops offer students flexibility and freedom to learn on the go with efficiency for note-taking in class and homework. This same portability can become a liability. These machines are constantly on the move with the potential for drops and cracks.

Several kinds of damage will dramatically lower the laptop's value if a durable case does not protect the device.    


Minor scratches can leave a poor cosmetic appearance on the shell, while major scratches on the screen can make it difficult or impossible to read. Younger students often hold their laptop by the screen or point to objects on the screen by touching. These mistakes can build up to cause serious damage to the surface of school devices.

One solution is to teach students about proper laptop handling, but mistakes will happen, especially with tiny fingers.

Chips and Cracks

Most laptops have a 1/4-inch thick liquid clear display (LCD) laptop screen. This surface is very fragile when sat on, stepped on, poked, twisted or put under pressure. The screen can shatter if a student closes the laptop lid with something in between.

Without a working screen, the learning process is impossible and laptop value will decrease dramatically.

Motion During Travel

The motion of shaking or jarring while traveling with a laptop can cause significant damage. Many laptops now use a solid-state drive (SSD), which has few problems with motion. Nonetheless, older models with a mechanical hard drive (HDD) have moving parts.

When the laptop is in motion while the HDD spins, internal friction occurs between internal hard disk components. This friction will wear down the device and potentially erase data.

Another source of danger is laptop bags that seemingly offer padding protection but do not protect the top and bottom of the device with proper shielding like shock-absorbing foam. Simply placing the bag on a hard surface can cause chips and cracks or jostle internal components.

How Can a Protective Case Boost the Resell Value?

The better the condition of a laptop, the more it will be worth when it's time to sell. Higher Ground offers a wide variety of laptop protective cases that can safeguard a school's devices:

  • Laptop sleeve: This super slim solution fits easily into a backpack and provides protection with reinforced corners, and it's water- and dirt-repellant. Sleeves also protect from lint in the bottom of backpacks and dust buildup over time.
  • Laptop case: A laptop case can provide heavy shielding for exterior damage with padding and screen protection from cracks and scratches on the interior.
  • Laptop bag: A laptop bag can protect a device during transportation with shock absorption for drops and falls.

Find the Right Protective Case Solution With Higher Ground

Higher Ground is a premium case company focused on solutions for school-issued devices since 2003. The company builds functional products for the long haul with durable materials such as EVA foam and TPU. These stylish, easy-grip cases will protect your laptops against drops so you can resell them at the highest value to fund your next wave of technology.

Higher Ground stands by a quality promise with a lifetime product guarantee that will give students, parents and teachers peace of mind.

Ready to try a sample or discuss a quote? Fill out a request form online today or contact us at 888-662-4300.

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