How to Choose the Right Laptop Sleeve From Higher Ground

Choosing the right laptop sleeve makes all the difference when it comes to protecting school devices. Sleeves should be transportable, snug and made of material that will provide protection from drops, spills and other accidents. Higher Ground designs sleek, comfortable sleeves for a variety of devices, and the right model for your school's needs will depend on a few factors.

Steps to Choosing the Right Laptop Sleeve

With the right fit and design, laptop sleeves will help keep school devices at peak performance so students can use them over multiple years. Choose sleeve designs, fabrics and sizes that provide protection and functionality.

Select a Design

The first step in picking out a laptop sleeve is deciding on the design. Higher Ground offers several choices in laptop sleeves, including:

  • Capsule
  • Capsule Plus
  • Capsule CS
  • Capsule Plus CS
  • Flak Jacket Slim (Special Order Only)

These collections are available in multiple fabrics, and some sleeves come with features like a Power Pocket for charging cables. Higher Ground laptop sleeves come in EVA foam that will help prevent damage should an accident occur. The covers also have a Scotchgard coating that will protect the device from spills, dirt, and weather.

No matter what design you choose, Higher Ground laptop sleeves will prolong the life span and protection of your devices.

Select Original Fabric or CleanShellTM

Another factor to consider when picking out a laptop cover is material. Higher Ground sleeves come with a choice between original fabric and CleanShell.

CleanShell is an innovative feature designed to make it easier to sanitize and repel spills and germs. CleanShell sleeves have a specialized exterior coating that makes them easier to wash with household cleaning products. These sleeves are ideal for shared devices within a classroom.

Measure Device Size

After choosing a design and fabric, you will want to measure the height and width of the laptop using a tape measure or ruler. You may be able to see device specifications online if you do not have either of these tools available. Choosing the right size is essential, as an ill-fitting sleeve can impede the function of the device and provide a distraction for students.

Higher Ground laptop sleeves come in multiple sizes to accommodate a range of devices. They fit most Chromebooks, laptops, iPads and other tablets snugly.

Contact Higher Ground Representatives Today

Once you have determined what design, fabric and size cover you need for students' laptops, you can get in touch with a representative at Higher Ground. Each laptop sleeve comes with a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing issues that may arise throughout its life span.

The Higher Ground customer service team is here to help you make the right choice for your students' laptops. All Higher Ground products are tested and approved before sale to ensure that they achieve top performance. Reach out online to get a quote or request a sample today. You can also call the company at 888-662-4300 to learn more.

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