How Using iPads Can Positively Impact the Classroom

Technology has changed the way we do many things — including the way we learn. Technological devices like iPads can greatly enhance learning and prove beneficial in the classroom in numerous ways, making them essential to the modern teaching and learning experience. When integrated into a curriculum, these devices can achieve everything from boosting student engagement to improving digital literacy.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using iPads in Your Classroom?

Here are just a few of the many ways that using iPads can positively impact your classroom. These devices can:

Provide a Customized Experience

iPads allow for a much more customized experience in the classroom. Students have different learning styles, and iPads can serve as a multipurpose learning tool that they can customize based on their needs. For example, if one student is more of a visual learner, they can watch educational videos to learn concepts. Students that prefer more of a hands-on approach can download and work on practice problems and receive immediate feedback on their work.

Because they are so customizable, iPads can also benefit learners who require special accommodations, offering them the support and tools they need to succeed in the classroom.

Offer Ease of Use

Compared to laptops and computers, iPads can be much easier to use. The operating system is simplistic and straightforward, allowing even young children to use the device and improve their learning.

The interactive, multitouch display also encourages more of a hands-on approach. With countless educational apps and games to download, students can use iPads to learn everything from spelling to math.

Allow Easy Transport

Textbooks can be cumbersome and heavy, especially when students must carry them from one class to the next. With an iPad, students can download e-books, conduct research and take notes all on a single lightweight device. The value of this benefit can be extended when the iPad is outfitted with a protective case including an integrated strap, as these elements make the device easier to manipulate while keeping it secure.

Encourage Creativity

iPads offer endless opportunities for students to learn and express themselves creatively. Learners will be able to do everything from filming and editing engaging videos to composing digital graphics to complement a presentation — all on one device.

Increase Student Interest and Participation

The vast majority of students are interested in technology, so incorporating devices like iPads in the classroom can enhance student interest and participation. Students can test their knowledge with interactive quizzes, study for an upcoming test with virtual flashcards, or create and deliver a presentation for their classes using apps like Keynote.

Reduce the Need for Paper Products

Using iPads can also significantly reduce the need for paper products in the classroom, which in turn can help your school save money and develop a more eco-friendly culture. Instead of needing to keep track of homework or carry traditional textbooks, students can download their assignments, read e-Books, and research journals and academic articles online.

Save Money  

Rather than having to update and purchase new printed materials each year, students will always have access to the most up-to-date information on their iPads. Because they require no physical materials and are easier to download and update to the latest version, e-books tend to be much cheaper than traditional textbooks.

Improve Digital Literacy

When students have access to iPads in the classroom, they will be able to start building digital literacy skills. From basic elements of digital literacy like using search terms to more advanced skills such as analyzing the credibility of online information, using technology in the classroom will help students prepare for higher education and their future careers.

Keep Your iPads Protected in the Classroom With a Case From Higher Ground

From reducing the need for paper products to assisting students with learning disabilities, iPads offer countless benefits in the classroom. However, making the most of these benefits requires a premium protective solution to ensure these valuable devices continue to function correctly.

Higher Ground offers a wide range of functional, always-on case designs for iPads used in educational institutions. The company employs premium protective materials such as EVA foam and TPU to ensure each case is built to last while still enabling users to benefit from the full functionality of the device. Higher Ground cases resist bumps, drops, spills and other damage common to home and educational environments.

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