Most Common Damages to Chromebooks

With Chromebooks offering countless benefits to both students and teachers, ranging from increased engagement to improved digital literacy, many institutions now consider them essential educational tools. However, like most electronics, these devices contain many delicate components and are susceptible to damage. When Chromebooks are handled carelessly or roughly, the result could be anything from a small scratch to a shattered screen.

4 Common Types of Chromebook Damage

Whether in business or educational settings, Chromebooks frequently see four common types of damage:

1. Chips and Scrapes From Falls

If you frequently carry around your Chromebook without a case, any fall could severely damage it. Whether the device slips out of your hands as you are walking or falls off your desk, an impact is likely to cause chips and scrapes.

While these external flaws are unsightly, fall damage can also affect the internal components and hardware, making the entire unit useless.

2. Cracked Screens

Chromebooks have very sensitive screens, which can be easily damaged by pressure. Touching the screen with your finger, pens, pencils or any other hard object could easily scratch and damage the display.

The screen can also suffer a crack if the user sets objects like discs, books or pens on the keyboard and closes the lid. This accident could cause small cracks to the corner of the screen or large ones spanning the entire display. Regardless of the size of the crack, it can lead to costly repairs.

3. Broken Hinges

Broken hinges are another common type of Chromebook damage. The hinges on these devices are not designed to withstand impacts, stress or heavy loads. Over time, loose travel in a backpack or a user opening and closing the laptop from one side only can wear out and damage the hinges.

Accidentally opening the screen too far or carrying the unit by its screen can also put pressure on the hinges and cause them to break.

4. Damaged Keyboards

There are many ways that keyboards can suffer damage, though a user eating or drinking near the Chromebook is one of the most common. Any time you accidentally spill food or drinks near or directly on the device, you can damage the keyboard. Crumbs can become lodged between the keys, while liquids may seep into the delicate electrical components. A heavy spill can extend beyond just the keyboard and may ruin the entire device.

How to Care for Your Chromebook

To prevent these common types of damage, it is important to properly care for your Chromebook. Regular cleaning and storing your device in a protective case can ensure it stays safe and secure.

Clean and Disinfect It

To prevent damage from crumbs and liquids, be sure to examine and clean your Chromebook often. Compressed air can blow out stubborn crumbs hiding between the keys, while antibacterial wipes or a solution of 60% water and 40% alcohol can remove any buildup and grime from your screen, keyboard and mouse. Just be careful not to allow any cleaning solution to collect on the device, as excess moisture may cause permanent damage.

Protect It

To ensure your Chromebook stays safe, consider a protective case that fits your device. Use-in-case designs remain on at all times without impairing functionality, making them ideal for more dangerous environments like classrooms with younger students. A remove-to-use case goes on only when you need it to keep the device safe when turned off or during transport.

When choosing a case, select one that is constructed out of top-quality materials. EVA construction will help your Chromebook bounce back from falls while hydrophobic fabrics can help repel both moisture and dirt. The right case can offer additional support and protection, helping prevent costly damage and keeping your device in top condition.

How Higher Ground Can Help You Prevent Chromebook Damage

Higher Ground has been designing and manufacturing protective cases since the company's founding in 2003. Accidents happen, but with a Higher Ground case, you can worry less when they do. These cases use high-quality materials and undergo extensive testing to ensure longevity, function and peak performance.

While Higher Ground Chromebook case solutions are highly functional, they also offer style and aesthetic appeal while preventing damage to your valuable devices. To receive a sample or a quote, call 888-662-4300 or contact a representative online for assistance.