Neoprene Cases vs. Elements Cases and CleanShell Cases

Let's dive into the world of tech protection, shall we? Technology is an investment, and many K-12 school districts use cases to shield devices issued to students from the perils of wear and tear and impact. If your school already employs cases, chances are they sport outer shells crafted from neoprene, a synthetic rubber renowned for its resistance to water, oil, and heat.

Indeed, neoprene shares its origins with the material commonly used in the crafting of scuba divers' wetsuits. But let's face it, your gadgets aren't planning any underwater excursions.

While neoprene cases admirably fend off minor bumps, scratches, and dings, they inevitably succumb to the ravages of time. Fear not, for Higher Ground has the solution! Enter Elements and CleanShell™ cases, two products designed to elevate your devices' protective arsenal to unprecedented heights.

So bid farewell to neoprene, for your gadgets deserve better than wetsuit material! It's time to level up your gear game with Higher Ground's Elements and CleanShell™ cases. Your devices will thank you!

What Are Elements Cases?

The Elements line consists of versatile, functional cases that provide excellent protection for school, work or play applications. This design features a Scotchgard-coated fabric, making it a durable, stain-resistant, water-repellent material with significant advantages over neoprene. 

Elements offerings include:

  • Trace: This slim, lightweight case offers the flexibility to carry a device separately or slide it into a backpack. In addition to the weather-resistant Scotchgard, it contains EVA and EPE impact-absorbing foam padding for extra security. Trace is available in two sizes with an assortment of custom color and logo options.
  • Plus: Plus cases provide another ultra-slim and lightweight solution. Beyond moisture protection, it offers scuff, scratch and dent protection. A secure zipper-top opening enables easy access to the bag's contents, and a convenient front pocket lets you store a charger and accessories.

What Is CleanShell™

Some Higher Ground products contain CleanShell™, an innovative fabric that offers better moisture protection than neoprene with enhanced durability and soil resistance. The material is easy to clean — you can kill germs and wipe them away with a household disinfectant and soft cloth. 

CleanShell™-coated bags are ideal solutions for schools focused on minimizing virus transmission and illnesses from other germs. This fabric also provides excellent wear protection to help school-issued devices withstand daily use. Reinforced EVA foam shock-absorbing corners safeguard the device from damage caused by drops, bangs, slips and other mishaps. 

How Do You Better Preserve the Value and Function of School Devices?

School devices need quality cases to maintain value and function. Discover how CleanShell™ and Elements cases from Higher Ground can provide better moisture, wear and tear and impact protection than neoprene. Contact us to request a quote and free sample to see how our products reduce device damage. Take the next step by filling out and returning our online form today.