What Is a Work-In Laptop Case?

Providing adequate protection to a laptop is vital, especially in elementary schools, where devices are susceptible to sudden drops and bumps. Users now have solutions both during transport and while their devices are in operation. Higher Ground created the work-in style with full-time protection in mind, affording complete protection in almost any circumstance.

A work-in design allows a user to operate a device while physically protecting it. The features provide full-screen visibility and permit complete access to the keyboard and other essential components. This style also furnishes a superior barrier against dirt and germs, assuring protection against prospective accidents and mishaps.

Higher Ground's work-in cases are a safe and easy way to ensure device protection, particularly in educational settings. Higher Ground cases guard against the wear and tear of constant use, furnishing security to all corners and sides of your device. Some styles feature extra compartments to hold small notebooks or other accessories.

Are "Work-In" and "Always-On" Laptop Cases the Same Thing?

A work-in case and an always-on case revolve around the same concept — a case becomes a permanent part of the laptop so the user can operate it at any time. The work-in and always-on ideas work as they sound — these cases remain on a device constantly and allow for normal function once installed. Most always-on cases double up as a carrying bag to supply all the necessary protection during transport.

Higher Ground is an industry pioneer, exploring work-in designs for the first time more than 20 years ago. Higher Ground remains an industry leader in developing, testing and manufacturing the most superior protective gear on the market.

A few examples of Higher Ground's work-in products include:

  • Datakeeper: Stressing work-in efficiencies, the Datakeeper allows users to operate at peak capacity without missing a beat.
  • Shuttle: One of the original always-on solutions, many features of the Shuttle focus on potential damage during transport.

These product lines feature CleanShell™ technology, a patented, easy-to-clean fabric that provides unparalleled protection against germs, soiling and daily wear. Most designs are compact enough to effortlessly slide into most lockers, backpacks or carrying bags while providing complete protection to the device.

Benefits of a Work-In Case from Higher Ground

The advantages of Higher Ground's work-in cases far outweigh those of the competition. In addition to many of the concepts discussed above, several features distinct to the Higher Ground brand include:

  • EVA construction: EVA is among the elite materials in protective barriers built from the same foam found in running-shoe cushioning.
  • Hydrophobic coatings: These technologically advanced coatings repel water and dirt, extending the life of the case and its contents.
  • Multiple sizes and universal fit: Many of Higher Ground's cases can house devices from 11 to 15 inches and accommodate most major brands of computers.
  • Identification windows: This identification feature prevents theft and confusion if a device is lost or misplaced.

Higher Ground meticulously test each product to ensure peak performance. Please feel free to browse Higher Ground's extensive online catalog to discover what work-in technology can do for you.

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