What to Look for in a Reseller Program

When partnering in a reseller program, it is crucial to ensure the other company will increase the value of your establishment and boost your sales and profit margins. There are several critical factors to consider when deciding on a potential partnership. Read on to discover more about what makes for a successful reseller partnership and the qualities you should look for before partnering with a new company.

3 Things to Look for When Joining a Reseller Program

There are a few key factors that make for a successful reseller program. The company's products must be an asset to your company, meaning they must be high-quality and improve customer satisfaction ratings. Additionally, the reseller program provided by the company should include effective sales strategies for its products and resources that answer your questions.

1. Effective Products

When partnering in a reseller program, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of the products your company is agreeing to sell. Make sure the manufacturer you partner with values the integrity of their design and offers the following advantages:

  • Intuitive, well-designed solutions: Your company must make sure the products you agree to sell are effective and well-executed so that  your customers want to return for more.
  • High standards: Ensure all the products you sell reflect your company's values and standards, assuring brand consistency.
  • Free product samples: Higher Ground offers partners free product samples, so you can attest to the quality of its cases yourself.

2. Sales Strategies

A new reselling program may come with uncharted marketing territory and a different target audience for your company. Look for suppliers developing compelling strategies that help their partners sell their products:

  • Lead generation and distribution: Higher Ground can provide new partners with nurtured leads, so your company can delve straight into the market without cold-calling.
  • Sales incentives: These promotions attract new customers, boosting sales and increasing your company's profit margins.

3. A Partner Who Cares

It's essential to partner with a company that cares about your success and provides resources to help your company flourish. To that end, Higher Ground consciously decides against selling its products on Amazon to prevent price competition and increase your company's profit margins.

Additionally, Higher Ground provides the following resources for its partnership members:

  • Available resources: Higher Ground provides a resource library for its partners, ensuring program members have all the information they need to market Higher Ground's products successfully.
  • Partner portal access: All Peak Performance Program members have 24-hour access to Higher Ground's secure partner portal for quick responses from trained staff members.
  • Partner support: Higher Ground assigns each client a Dedicated Sales Partner who is responsible for ensuring Higher Ground meets your needs and answers your questions about the partnership.

Check Out Higher Ground's Peak Performance Partnership

Partner with Higher Ground for quality you can count on and access to a team of dedicated staff available at all times for your support. Higher Ground provides long-lasting and effective cases to protect your customers' valued personal technology at cost-effective prices that boost your profit margins.

Join the Peak Performer Program today in three easy steps, beginning with an online application. It is free to join and usually takes less than 24 hours to become a member.

You can also reach out directly to a staff member by filling out Higher Ground's contact form for a quick response to any questions regarding the Peak Performer Program or available products.

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