Things to Look for When Buying a Laptop Case

Buying a laptop is an investment. One of the essential tasks of purchasing a laptop is deciding on the proper case for protection. There are many different styles, prices and brands to pick from, and it can be daunting to find the perfect protective gear. Several things to look for when purchasing a new sleeve might include:

  • A reputable manufacturer.
  • Versatility to fit multiple brands of devices.
  • A product guarantee.
  • Durability.
  • Easy access.

Higher Ground offers designs that cover all these basics and much more.

Designed by a Company With a Design Philosophy

A core component of Higher Ground's philosophy is product durability. Higher Ground utilizes superior materials that are optimal for everyday use. Long-lasting functionality combined with beautiful designs results in leading protective gear.

Using recycled woven fabrics and eco-friendly coatings keep excess plastics and waste out of landfills. Higher Ground strives to play a positive role in the environment by ensuring its products benefit customers and the planet.

Offers Easy-to-Clean Solutions

Among the featured materials of Higher Ground is CleanShell™. Known for its easy-to-clean properties, the development of CleanShell™ fabric accentuates Higher Ground's commitment to innovation. Several additional benefits of the CleanShell™ design include:

  • Ultra-durable materials.
  • Soil and weather-resistant coating.
  • Strong against common and household cleaners.

If you are looking for protection that combats soil, germs and daily wear, then CleanShell™ might be the perfect solution. CleanShell™ is available for Higher Ground's select product lines.

Designed to Fit Multiple Brands

Another advantage to Higher Ground's protective sleeves is their universal fit with the top manufacturers in the industry. Here are just a few examples of the brands Higher Ground gear protects:

  • Acer
  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Dell
  • Google
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung

If you are unsure whether your device will fit a Higher Ground sleeve or case, customer service is available to ensure you find the right product for your needs.

Offers Lifetime Warranty

Higher Ground's products carry a lifetime guarantee for the original purchaser. Each guarantee covers manufacturing and material defects that you encounter during normal use throughout the product's lifetime. This warranty stresses both Higher Ground's commitment to excellence in manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

Higher Ground also offers a "1/2 off replacement program" for worn items within five years of purchase. The original purchaser will receive 50 percent off of a replacement case, excluding coupons, sales or discounts. Proof of purchase is required.

Case Options Include Work-In Cases, Sleeves and Bags

Higher Ground's case options include work-in functionality to protect your device during use. The always-on case allows you to view the entire screen, and the rubberized material at the bottom prevents slippage. Padded edges and secure corner straps provide added safety against bumps or drops. These work-in features are available for most of Higher Ground's product lines.

Pick the Perfect Laptop Case With Higher Ground

Upon browsing Higher Ground's extensive catalog of products, you will find options for every critical factor when purchasing a laptop case or sleeve. To make a purchase, look at Higher Ground's authorized seller list or visit the e-store today.

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