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ShockGUARD iPad 7/8/9

ShockGUARD iPad 7/8/9



  • Tough Polycarbonate outer shell
  • Shock-absorbing TPU interior and corner protection
  • Adjustable, multi-position stand
  • Protective screen cover
  • Sound channels direct audio to the front
  • Transparent shell for ID and asset tag viewing
  • Removable stylus holder (fits Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon)
  • Easily fits in carts with access to charging ports
  • Fits 7th, 8th, and 9th Generation iPads
  • Extended Warranty Options


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  • SGiPAD789


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ShockGUARD iPad 7/8/9

Extreme iPad Protection From The Inside Out

With ShockGUARD for iPads 7/8/9, Higher Ground has corrected a fundamental flaw with most snap-on shells. They’re inside out. Similar to a helmet, the inner shock-absorbing material cushions your device, while the hard, outer shell takes the knocks and drops.

The clear shell allows for easy viewing of school logos or asset tags placed beneath the surface. An adjustable stand on the back provides viewing and typing angles while sound channels carry audio to the front, where it belongs. A protective screen cover prevents accidental scratches while also locking in and securing your iPad within the case. A removal tool is included.

Take your iPad protection to the next level with the ShockGUARD from Higher Ground.

Device Dimensions:

  • SGiPAD789 - Fits iPad 7th/8th/9th Generation
  • SGiPAD789

Lifetime Guarantee

Higher Ground’s products carry a Lifetime Guarantee.  For the original purchaser, this guarantee covers defects in materials and manufacturing encountered in the normal use of the bag over it’s expected life.  The guarantee does not apply to normal wear and tear, abuse, mishandling, accident, or if the bag is altered in any way.  Wear and tear includes the natural aging of materials, fading and abrasion after normal use. This guarantee does not cover any of the bag’s contents.

If Higher Ground determines that a product failed due to a manufacturing or material defect, Higher Ground will repair or replace it with the same or comparable case.  Customers are responsible for any return shipping costs.   (proof of purchase required for all warranty claims)  Please fill out our online claim form or download the attached form for assistance.

ShockGUARD iPad 7/8/9

01. Tough outer shell & soft shock-absorbing core.

02. Transparent shell for ID/asset tag viewing.

03. Your helmet isn't inside out, your case shouldn't be either!

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