5 Tips for Selecting the Best Cases for Student Device Deployment

If new devices are entering the classroom, it is important to equip your investments with protective cases to shield against falls, spills and wear and tear. You need the right level of protection for long-term use. Here are five tips for choosing the best cases for a successful device deployment program.

Tips for Schools Choosing Student Laptop Cases

1. Plan Far Ahead of the Deployment Date

School officials should look for protective cases as soon as a technology order is complete. You can search for the perfect case with device brand names and dimensions in mind. You want your district's laptop cases to arrive well before students have access to the equipment.

Plan on a significant lead time based on order quantity. If your school is performing a test run with device deployment, small orders may be fulfilled immediately. Protective cases involving custom molds, detailed stitching and shipments of over 1,000 units could take anywhere from several weeks to three months to receive. Work with your vendor to determine when your cases will be delivered.

2. Assess Laptop Case Needs

Place an order for protective laptop cases based on student age groups. Children and young adults can be rough with expensive devices, so you want cases that will prevent scratches, dents and cracks. Consider how much protection classroom devices need according to student behavior and responsibility.

Will each student have their own device or are units shared? Where will the technology live most of the time? It's helpful to determine how and where accidents may occur. If laptops are leaving the classroom to go home with students, use-in-case options and permanent styles are recommended.

3. Make Sure Laptop Cases Are Easy to Install

School districts need laptop cases that are easy to install. Detailed installations with multiple steps take time and leave room for mistakes. Designate enough time for case installation prior to deployment, and educate your staff on how to attach pieces correctly. You can save hours of time with technology cases that fasten quickly.

4. Select the Correct Vendor

There are hundreds of laptop case manufacturers, but not all can satisfy the needs of a large school district. Consider vendor ratings and if a company has a history with education fulfillment orders.

Pick a vendor that has a solid track record with shipping cases in the correct size, variety and quantity. Your deployment program may expand with additional funding in the future, so make sure your vendor is reliable and easy to contact.

5. Choose Higher Ground for Your Protective Laptop Case Needs

Since 2003, Higher Ground has been dedicated to improving the lives of students, educators and staff for grades K-12. The company's protective products enhance usability with gear that is both tough and functional. With quick order turnarounds and experience with school device deployment procedures, Higher Ground is your choice for laptop, Chromebook and tablet cases.

Higher Ground offers cases for travel carts, backpacks, in-case use and remove to use applications. Expand your technology programs with innovative cases in multiple sizes such as 11", 13" and 14" configurations.

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