7 Ways Technology Can Help Increase Classroom Engagement

The use of technology can be beneficial for student engagement and participation in numerous ways. Both students and teachers will appreciate the ability to easily interact, collaborate and learn inside and outside the classroom. No matter the grade level, this capability translates to a much more satisfying learning experience. By helping to increase their behavioral, emotional and cognitive engagement, technology will allow students to more readily achieve academic success and learn the skills needed to continue thriving in the future.

How Technology Can Help Increase Classroom Engagement and Participation

Here are seven ways that technology can benefit students in the classroom:

1. Create a Focused Environment

Using technology in a classroom can create a focused environment where students can more effectively learn and engage with their materials. They will be able to do independent research and work in a quiet setting as they browse the internet for sources.

2. Deliver a More Immersive Curricular Experience

When technology is used in a classroom, teachers can use resources that facilitate a more in-depth connection with the curriculum. Technology allows students to engage with the materials they are learning about through more of a hands-on approach.  

From taking part in learning activities to being able to receive feedback quickly, students will be able to interact with and participate in a variety of educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

3. Offer Interactive Learning Methodologies

With technology, there are countless interactive educational activities students can engage in to gain information. From fun quizzes to learning-oriented games that allow students to compete against each other, technology can make learning new concepts exciting for learners of all ages.

4. Provide a Wider Access to Information

Traditionally, students had limited access to learning resources, being largely limited to textbooks available through their school or the local library. With technology and internet access, however, learners can browse the most current information online from a wide range of sources.

From relevant charts and tools to websites and videos, technology enables students to access information that will help them engage in continual learning in all subject areas.

5. Allow In-Depth Research

With wider access to information also comes the ability to perform more in-depth research. Technology allows students to access countless academic journals, studies and ideas — all of which will help them cultivate their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

When researching, students will also be able to use note-taking apps to easily organize and record important concepts.

6. Encourage Collaboration With Peers

Technology also allows students to connect with their peers — both in their classrooms and around the world. They will be encouraged to collaborate and learn communication and problem-solving skills even if they are learning remotely. Whether working through shared file access or video chats, students will be able to exchange information and ideas at any time and from any place.

7. Accommodate Individualized Learning

Every student has a unique learning style, and technology allows for a very individualized approach. With technology, students will be able to acquire new skills and information through their preferred learning style and at their own speed.

Along with offering a more effective individual learning experience, technology can also accommodate students who have learning disabilities. There are endless resources and tools available to help struggling students explore and better comprehend their materials.

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