Essential Computer Skills to Teach Students

Whether students are learning from home or using technology like laptops or tablets in the classroom, some skills are essential. Teachers should cover the basics to ensure students can complete homework assignments, research and tests while protecting themselves and their devices.

Keyboarding and Mouse Skills

One of the basic tenets of using a computer is knowing how to use the keyboard and mouse. Older students will most likely have these skills already, but elementary-age children may need some guidance.

Keyboarding is essential for any project or assignment that will involve typing. Students need to learn proper finger placement and practice typing without moving their fingers off the home row. Once they learn this skill, they can move on to typing without looking down at the keyboard. With time, implement speed and accuracy tests to ensure children learn the proper way to use a keyboard.

Students use keyboards for more than typing. Children should also know how to use shortcuts, such as copy and paste. Teaching students these shortcuts in advance will save them time later on.

Similarly, students should learn how to use a mouse or trackpad to maneuver through pages or highlight specific passages while taking notes.

Internet Safety

Once a student has learned the basics of how to use a computer, they will need to know how to search and navigate the internet safely. Antivirus software and restrictions will help to protect students, but they will also need to develop their own safety skills and basic cyber hygiene. Teach students the importance of not sharing personal information with strangers on the internet. Students should know where to report suspicious or inappropriate activity they come across online.

Additionally, instruct children on how to look for suspicious websites or emails. Teaching students about phishing, scams and malware will help them avoid websites that can potentially damage the operating system of their school laptop or tablet.

Utilizing Protective Cases

When students are working on essential keyboarding and internet safety skills, they must have a case that not only protects their laptops and Chromebooks from damage but is functional and easy to use without interruptions. With a work-in, always-on case, children can use the technology without having to remove it from its case. Corner straps hold the Chromebook or laptop in place while the student completes their work. These cases offer constant protection and easy portability.

Look for a work-in case that features a slim design, an ergonomic grip edge, and nonslip materials for ease of use. An ill-fitting or bulky case can serve as a distraction for students.

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