How to Keep Students Engaged on Their Schools' Devices While at Home

School-issued laptops and tablets are valuable classroom learning tools in many K-12 schools. The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged more districts to allow students to take their devices home to facilitate online learning and compensate for lost classroom time. But, while more kids take their technology home, this environment can be less conducive to an enriching learning experience.

Following along as we share different ways to keep your students engaged and avoid the struggles of wandering attention spans without a teacher present to monitor their activities.

5 Tips for Increasing Engagement

As an educator, you can increase the likelihood that your students will get the most out of the at-home learning process by implementing these steps to encourage participation.

1. Create Team Activities

Students stuck at home miss seeing their classmates. You can bring them together by creating group online projects and exercises that require involvement from everyone. Each student can contribute equally, and groups can use collaborative programs they already know how to use to create documents and presentations.

2. Turn Students Into Tutors

Do you have a few kids who are experts in a particular subject? Encourage them to share that knowledge by asking them to hold online tutoring sessions. Many struggling students may be more receptive to receiving guidance from a peer.

3. Hold Group Discussions

Older students may enjoy the opportunity to write discussion posts and upload them to a thread online. Classmates can read and review each other's responses before class. This process encourages participation from other students by allowing them to ask questions or make comments. It also fosters a more collaborative learning environment where kids learn from each other.

4. Create Online Games

Add fun to the learning process by offering lessons, assignments or other educational tools in the form of online games or puzzles. Allow students with solid computer skills to assist with development and implementation.

5. Utilize Social Media

Teachers can leverage social media platforms to increase device engagement. Examples of instructors using social media include broadcasting alerts and updates, streaming lectures, and holding live discussions. You could also use X (Twitter) as a class message board or create an Instagram account to showcase art projects or other work.

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