How Administrators Can Lead the Way in Technology Integration

School principals and other administrative team members play a critical role when establishing and implementing a K-12 district's direction. They also set the tone for what happens in and out of the classroom. Performing duties like creating budgets, managing the teaching staff and maintaining academic records is an increasingly demanding task. The most efficient administrators use technology to simplify these functions.

4 Technology Integration Tips for Administrators

You can take several steps to ensure successful technology integration in your school district.

1. Encourage and Engage in Self-Education

Before you can fully understand the value of integrating technology into your school, you must become familiar with your options. Once you know what is available, you can identify solutions to deliver the best results for staff and students.

Administrators with limited technical knowledge may consider assembling an in-house team of more proficient individuals to guide the process.

2. Provide Support and Training

Any technological implementation typically includes an extensive learning curve. Administrators can shorten the adjustment period and increase user comfort levels by providing comprehensive support and training. Too many districts only provide the latter and neglect the former. The result is often widespread confusion and frustration, leading to an implementation that fails to meet its objectives.

3. Invest in Technology Leadership and Equipment

While many K-12 school districts are experiencing significant budget shortfalls and limited resources, technology is one area to avoid taking shortcuts. Hire accomplished IT professionals with knowledge of applying technology in an education environment. Purchase high-quality computers and other equipment that can withstand the rigors of heavy use and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Recognize and Reward Efforts to Embrace Technology

Introducing technology to students can be challenging for teachers. The task requires patience and a focus on keeping the kids from becoming frustrated when making mistakes. Administrators should acknowledge when teachers' efforts have been successful, especially when they enhance academic performance or elevate test scores.

For example, districts can offer a Technology Achievement of the Month Award to instructors who have helped students master a specific skill.

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