Protect Your Equipment With Higher Ground Classroom Technology Solutions

Your students have access to the latest technology, and you want this significant investment to last. With Higher Ground's laptop, Chromebook and tablet cases for students, you can safeguard your classroom technologies with rugged, functional protection and the best damage prevention on the market. Higher Ground believes that a case should go beyond protecting your equipment.

With exterior pockets, advanced ergonomics and work-in case capabilities, Higher Ground gear makes technology more accessible in any scenario. Functional, thoughtfully cases keep your students' equipment and classes running smoothly.

Designed with advanced TPU and EVA foam, Higher Ground cases cushion technology from drops and damage, while a hydrophobic coating repels water and dirt to keep equipment operating at its best. Many of the company's cases include ID windows for easy inventorying and identification.

Higher Ground's History of Innovation

In 2002, Professor Shaun Jackson and his business partner Mark Zadvinskis noticed a trend: laptops were becoming more common on college campuses. Realizing these machines had the potential to revolutionize teaching and learning, they began designing protective gear for laptops. Early laptops ran hot, so they focused on redirecting heat flow while keeping ports accessible through the protective padding.

Their first design was the enormously successful Laptrap, and it inspired Higher Ground's commitment to uniting the best protection with ultimate user-friendliness. As the company's founders predicted, technology is now instrumental to education at all levels, and Higher Ground has stayed ahead of the curve. Its technology solutions for education give students of all ages easy access to learning technology and provide peace of mind for administrators and parents.

Over 1 million Higher Ground cases have saved screens and hard drives in schools across America. Every case is designed to outlast the equipment it protects, no matter how many times it gets dropped or shoved in a backpack. With a lifetime guarantee, Higher Ground is committed to keeping your classroom technologies where they belong: in the hands of students.

Time-Tested Laptop Cases for Schools

Higher Ground started with a laptop case, and the company has kept up with every advancement. Offering multiple sizes and configurations to fit a wide variety of laptops, the company has cases to suit all educational levels and unique scenarios.

Younger students benefit from the robust design of Higher Ground bumper cases. Work-in case options include tensioned corner straps and an advanced lid strap system to keep devices accessible with a minimal form factor. For older students, cases like the Capsule offers protection and quick access in a backpack. Every case is created with quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.

Maintaining a working collection of laptops can be expensive. With Higher Ground laptop cases for students, you can reduce damage, repair expenses and student downtime. The concealment of a case also helps reduce theft for another layer of protection.

Functional and Stylish Chromebook Cases for Students

With a focus on educational innovation, Higher Ground seeks ways to help schools make the most of new classroom technology. Higher Ground has kept pace by designing protective Chromebook cases for students to elevate the function of these devices.

Higher Ground's Chromebook cases for schools suit a range of educational needs. The affordability and ease of management make them ideal for young students, and work-in case options reduce the chance of accidents. Durable bumper cases are specially engineered to protect technology from the drops and damage that can come from small hands.

Teachers and high school students value speed and ease of access, which is why rugged sleeves and drop-in inserts are ideal. Teachers especially love the utility of the Flak Jacket Plus 3.0 case for carrying accessories and papers.

Tablet and iPad Cases to Keep Learning at Your Fingertips

Tablets are an investment that deserves high-quality protection. Higher Ground's iPad and tablet cases for students are engineered to protect these thin devices and delicate glass screens while offering advanced functionality to keep them close at hand.

The X-strap feature of Higher Ground's PROTEx cases makes iPads easy to hold — because it holds you. This system combines comfortable silicone with an ergonomic grip edge to keep tablets securely in the grip of even the smallest hands.

In the event of a drop or bump, the case's TPU construction provides advanced shock absorption. A specially designed raised bevel defends against face-first drops and broken screens.

Many Higher Ground tablet cases for schools include integrated stands for easy viewing and typing. Students will enjoy the advanced engineering of sound channels to improve the tablet's audio.

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Higher Ground has spent over two decades designing the most advanced equipment protection systems available today. While consumer market solutions may provide temporary savings, these items wear down quickly and offer inferior protection for your equipment investment.

With Higher Ground cases, many school administrators report an 85-90% reduction in screen breaks. In fact, the company's cases are so effective that insurance companies frequently offer discounts to schools that use Higher Ground products.

Request a quote or sample of our premium laptop, tablet and Chromebook cases for schools. You can expect a quick response and personalized customer service.

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