Safeguard Your Schools Devices With High-Quality Laptop Cases From Higher Ground

Laptops are valuable learning aids in K-12 schools — they also represent a substantial expense. Higher Ground offers an assortment of well-designed, durable laptop cases for education institutions that safeguard technology and reduce costs. Users gain reliable protection against drops, wear and other damage to prolong their devices' life span.

Higher Ground offers laptop cases for schools to accommodate any learning environment. Whether students store the devices in carts, carry them in backpacks or need a convenient work-in-case or remove-to-use solution, school districts will find the ideal product for their needs and budget.

Explore Higher Ground’s Laptop Cases

A few examples include:

Affordable Sleeves

  • Elements Trace or Plus: When you need an affordable, simple, and versatile case that offers more protection than neoprene, look no further than the Elements Collection.

Shoulder Bags

  • Flak Jacket Plus 3.0: Combining highly shock-absorbing foam with corrugated plastic stiffeners, the Flak Jacket Plus 3.0 delivers complete protection in a slim, lightweight design.

Work-In Cases

  • Shuttle 3.0: With the Shuttle 3.0 Your laptop never leaves the case, providing ruggedized, full-time protection while allowing you to work comfortably on your desk or lap.

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Why Choose Higher Ground Cases for Laptop Protection?

Higher Ground has been developing innovative technology protection solutions since 2002. Two decades of experience have provided valuable insight into the needs of K-12 schools, resulting in the most advanced laptop case features and benefits on the market. Advantages to Higher Ground products include:

Industry Leading Experts: With 20 years of experience and a team of dedicated designers solely focused on education, we're one of the oldest companies in the game. Let us show you why we're the best.

Lifetime Warranty: The company stands behind its protective cases with a lifetime guarantee covering defects in materials and manufacturing. If Higher Ground determines that a product failed for these reasons, the company will either repair it or replace it with a comparable item. 

Customizable Solutions: HG can add school logos or colors to laptop bags to create a personalized appearance. The lifetime warranty applies to these items, although replacements will not include the logo. 

Best Quality For The Right Price: Don't waste money on cheap gear that needs constant replacing. Higher Ground’s protective cases go through dozens of prototypes, material testing, and strict quality controls, our products are tough enough to withstand the unforeseen challenges of everyday life… giving you the lowest per year cost.

Personalized Service: Higher Ground believes customer service should be personal. That's why we assign you a dedicated pro who knows the intricacies of educational procurement. Say goodbye to call centers and hello to personalized service.

We’re Not Just Gear: We build a relationship with you. That means looking out for your best interests, honoring our warranty, and providing you with quick, honest answers every time. 

Ready To Ship Inventory: With large US inventory positions and a dedicated team, Higher Ground is able to ship quickly and closely manage the process so you can focus on what matters.

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