The Average Life Span of Laptops

There are many factors to consider when thinking about the life span of a laptop. How often you use it and how you take care of it are two significant considerations for figuring out how long a computer will typically last. The brand name can play a role as well:

That said, the average life span of a particular model may not be indicative of a laptop's full potential. Several factors cause laptops to wear down, and some of them are avoidable.

How Do Laptops Start to Wear Out?

Laptops naturally start to lose some of their capabilities over time, but users can unintentionally speed up the process. Charging habits, inadequate web protection and improper care can shorten the life span of a device. School laptops with multiple users can be particularly vulnerable to misuse, so it is important for teachers to be aware of potential issues so they can tell students how to avoid them.

Battery Life Changes

All batteries, regardless of usage, begin to lose their capacities over time. That said, implementing better charging habits can help extend your battery's life span, as can making changes like decluttering the laptop's memory or storage.

Using the screen at a lower brightness, unplugging extensions like cameras or microphones when they are not in use and closing web browsers when you are finished with them can also help prolong battery life.

Malware, Spyware and Viruses

Computer viruses can spread in several ways. Anyone can open a suspicious email, link or website that can harm a laptop. Once you open that program or attachment, the virus transmits to your device. Viruses can be dormant on a laptop for extended periods. However, once the virus infects a laptop, the computer will start experiencing problems, which can ultimately affect the life span.

Inadequate Laptop Care

How you care for a laptop can also change the length of its life. Spilling liquids on a computer can affect the function of the keyboard or screen. Dropping a laptop onto a hard surface can also damage these components. While some damage may be evident right away, these incidents can also affect internal components, shortening the life span of a laptop over time.

Other common care issues affect the life span of a laptop as well. An outage caused by a storm or another serious issue can cause a power surge. If your computer is plugged in during a power surge, the motherboard or power supply may be damaged. Depending on the level of damage, the laptop may lose some of its functionality or stop working entirely.

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