How to Know It's Time to Replace Your School's Laptops

Today, many schools and educational institutions have a fleet of laptops that students use for conducting research, collaborating with their peers and submitting assignments. While an entire fleet of laptops can be a large investment, there comes a point at which continuing to use outdated technology becomes more costly than replacing it. When you observe the performance of your devices, watch for signs that can let you know it is time to replace your school's laptops.

What Are the Signs That It Is Time to Invest in New Technology?

Here are the top five indicators that it may be time to invest in new laptops for your school:

1. Visible Damage on the Majority of Devices

Visible damage such as cracks and scratches are not always just cosmetic flaws. Some of these issues can compromise the entire system and lead to more severe and costly repairs. One small crack, for example, can lead to a shattered screen if the laptop is bumped the wrong way or dropped.

If the majority of your school's devices show visible damage, it is a good idea to replace them before the cost of repairing the devices exceeds the cost of buying brand-new ones.

2. Security Concerns

If your school's laptops are a few years old, the technology used to protect the system might be outdated. This issue can lead to compromised security, which could put everything from your students' personal information to your school's data and finances at risk.

If you have observed your school's laptops frequently coming under attack by viruses or experiencing an increase in security issues, it is likely time to upgrade to a newer system with updated antivirus and security software.

3. Usability Issues

Have your students been complaining about usability issues more frequently? If your laptops are all up to date but have been repeatedly freezing up and crashing, they likely have a system issue. Application bugs or a compromised security system can all contribute to usability problems.

4. Lagging Speeds

Slow processing speeds can be a significant impediment. Students and teachers may have difficulty downloading files or even saving their work because the computer systems cannot keep up.

If your internet connection is generally stable, the lag could be a result of dated hardware and applications. Because lag can affect student productivity and performance, it is always a good time to replace your school's laptops when they become unreliable and slow.

5. Battery Issues

Much like lag, battery issues can negatively affect teacher and student productivity and performance. If the laptops have fast-draining batteries, they impose limits on when and where students can work. Users may even risk losing unsaved files if the computer suddenly shuts down. Since battery issues can have such a significant impact, they represent a clear sign that it is time to replace your school's laptops.

Enjoy Your New Technology for the Long Term

When you invest in new laptops, you want to ensure they are properly protected to ensure their longevity. Equipping each device with a protective case is an excellent way to do so.

When you browse new cases, look for materials that boost the function and security of each device. EVA foam construction, for example, will provide added protection if a laptop accidentally slips out of a student's hands and falls to the ground.

Higher Ground Can Help You Protect Your School's Laptops

Since the company's founding in 2003, Higher Ground has been designing the best in functional protection for educational laptops. When you purchase a brand-new fleet of laptops for your school, Higher Ground's cases can help you keep them safe and secure. These designs assist with accessibility and usability while looking stylish and safeguarding these valuable devices against bumps and drops. Every case is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

To receive a sample or discuss pricing, contact Higher Ground at 888-662-4300 or fill out a quote request form.  

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