Sleeve vs. Work-In Case: Which One Should Schools Choose?

Many factors go into deciding what type of protective product is best suited for your electronic device. The computer's location and usage frequency and the user's skill level play critical roles in selecting electronic protection. In schools, accidents and mishaps are more likely to occur, resulting in the need for the most dependable protective gear available.

For as similar as sleeves and work-in designs are, they also have their differences. The benefits of a sleeve revolve around protection during storage and transport, while the advantages of a work-in case reflect protective properties while a device is in use. For both cases, Higher Ground supplies complete product lines that go beyond industry standards.

Pros of Sleeve Cases From Higher Ground

Higher Ground sleeves consist of quality materials. Many designs feature EVA protection, an expanded foam cushioning dominant in various sports applications. Some Higher Ground sleeves contain CleanShell™ technology known for its easy-to-clean properties and ability to repel germs and soiling.

Several other benefits of Higher Ground sleeves include:

  • Slim design slips easily into backpacks and other bags.
  • Secure zipper opening provides easy and quick access.
  • ID Window for quick identification.
  • Built-in front pocket for power supply and cables.
  • Optional shoulder strap.
  • Perimeter and surface protection.

Higher Ground sleeves come in several varieties of the Capsule design and the Flak Jacket Slim model. Both these options are perfect when a device is in a locker or bag during transport.

Pros of Work-In Cases From Higher Ground

Higher Ground's work-in cases offer protection while a device is operational. The work-in case is friendly to younger users in educational settings where damage is likelier. A work-in case is always on the device, allowing students to work efficiently without the risk of physical harm to their computers.

Some of the many advantages of Higher Ground's work-in designs are:

  • Always-on design assures constant protection.
  • Straps ensure that the entire screen is viewable and keyboard accessible when in use.
  • Molded EVA foam shell with padded edges.
  • Durable corner straps.
  • Carrying handle.
  • Optional shoulder strap.
  • Cooling deck prevents overheating.
  • Non-slip bottom.
  • Available in CleanShell™ fabric.

While offering adequate protection during transport or storage, the work-in design sets itself apart from the sleeve by always remaining secured to the device, furnishing superior physical protection when in use. Higher Ground's work-in case options include full lines of both the Datakeeper and Shuttle models.

Which One Works Best for Schools?

When it comes to deciding whether a sleeve or work-in option is the right choice, there are several factors to consider, like:

  • The age groups of the students,
  • Where the students will store their devices.
  • The frequency of the computer's operation.

During extensive classroom usage, the work-in case is the better solution because of its ability to protect when in use. While not explicitly designed for transport like the sleeve, the work-in case still provides quality protection in storage and carriage.

To explore Higher Ground's full line of sleeves and work-in cases, please explore the online catalog of products.

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